A life inspired by the delightful Lemon Breeland of Bluebell, Alabama

This space is carefully crafted to show an aspirational version of my life.  The content is real but forgive me for omitting the spilled milk and bad hair days. I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for many years because I love to write and create beautiful things. This is a space I come to feel inspired.

I’m a long time reader in the blogosphere and one thing I love about immersing myself in another blogger’s space is that it gives me an escape from the every day. It doesn’t matter if the sparkly, luminescent version of themselves they project into this imagined world is an accurate portrait of their life; what matters is that it brings joy to both creator and audience.

I don’t consider myself a talented photographer but the nature of blogging calls for some modicum of skill in this department. Please understand that my attempts to capture my life on film are that of a digitally creative neophyte and I am learning as I go.

As for my muse, Lemon Breeland, I’ll say this:

When I stumbled upon the charming television series Hart of Dixie I immediately fell head over heels for Lemon Breeland. It wasn’t just our mutual affection for 1950s dresses, twin sets and pearls, nor was it her darling southern drawl and perfectly coiffed hair. What I love about Lemon is her sharp wit, dry humour and ability to rebuild her life when everything falls apart. My blog’s tagline – when the universe gave her lemons, she designed a life she loved – was coined when upon watching Lemon do exactly that, I realised that my affection for her was that she applied herself to this endeavour in precisely the same fashion I did. Lemon’s determination to cultivate a perfect facade when her life is anything but is something I relate to. Watching Lemon’s trials and tribulations as she came to understand that oftentimes the best thing we can do is be honest with ourselves and those around us was like staring face first into the looking glass. My blog is a tongue in cheek tribute to Lemon and the people of Bluebell, Alabama, because I fell in love with these characters at a time when I desperately needed something to smile about.

The gorgeous Lemon Breeland, played by Jaime King.

Thanks for stopping by.

With love, Eliza.